40 Colored Hairstyles for Black Women

40 Colored Hairstyles for Black Women

Colors are gradually becoming a thing, hence the reason for these colored hairstyles for black women. Before now, most black women were just content with the natural color of black. That’s not the case anymore. As you read through, we will be showing some interesting colored hairstyles for black women that you should consider.

40 Colored Hairstyles for Black Women

No need to waste your time any further, let’s dive into the business of the day. Here are 40 colored hairstyles for black women:

1. Ginger Sponge Rollered Fluffy Natural

Ginger Sponge Rollered Fluffy Natural
Instagram @iamchezzz

These ginger waves are flawless. The color of choice now is ginger. I think this hue always looks good and I adore it.

2. Cinnamon

Instagram @sincerly.kyala

You should experiment with the hue cinnamon. On those with warm undertones, this color looks fantastic. It would be worthwhile even if you only decided to use cinnamon as a highlighter.

3. Lavishing Red and Yellow Blocks

Lavishing Red and Yellow Blocks
Instagram @kiastylez

Retro colors like this one are seductive and go with many skin tones and hair types. Every season can benefit from the red, yellow, and black color combination.

You might try to add the red color on your own if that’s the only tint you want. Make an appointment with your stylist if you wish to add more than one color.

There are so many gorgeous hair hues that complement dark skin! Feel free to play around with the shades to get your signature look or simply switch things up.

One thing is for certain: whichever color you choose, you will kill it!

4. Blue Afro Puff

Blue Afro Puff
Instagram @shellanin_

With a vivid blue afro puff, embrace your natural texture and make a statement.

You can color your natural hair or use artificial hair color to create this daring and playful hairdo. To preserve healthy, brilliant color, make sure to keep your hair hydrated and well-conditioned.

5. Orange Color Flexi-Rod Set

Orange Color Flexi-Rod Set
Instagram @dayelasoul

Bright red terminals and deeper red-brown roots are better displayed by precise flexi-rod curls.

6. Blonde Mix

Blonde Mix
Instagram @koloredbykey

When there are different blonde tones present, I enjoy it. In contrast to simply going blonde, the darker blondes seem distinct when mixed with the lighter, honey blonde. It gives the blonde more depth.

7. Dark Purple Hair

Dark Purple Hair
Instagram @stylesbyyolanda

Other purple hues that look good on people with dark skin include plum and eggplant plant hair colors. Afros, waves, and mid-back length straight hair are the most popular violet-colored hairstyles.

8. Navy Blue Undercut

Navy Blue Undercut
Instagram @curlysueek

A navy blue undercut is a bold and edgy choice. For those who seek a subtle yet significant color change, this dark and enigmatic shade of blue adds a surprising aspect to your hairstyle.

You can accomplish this by visiting a professional colorist or using temporary hair color.

9. Red and Blonde Deep-Wave Lace Front

Red and Blonde Deep-Wave Lace Front
Instagram @ariannamodels

Style your lace front to highlight the peek-a-boo blonde layers by adding lift and dimension.

10. Maroon Hair

Maroon Hair
Instagram @the_rose_affect

Due to its natural appearance, this shade of brown-red complements black women of all complexions. It attracts attention and accentuates your cheekbones.

You can attempt a long straight wig, a short bob, or a curly hairstyle with this shade of hair.

11. Blue-Tipped Senegalese Twists

Blue-Tipped Senegalese Twists
Instagram @beautifulbraidsofcolour

By including blue tips in the style, you may give your Senegalese twists a dash of blue. This is a simple method to experiment with color while protecting your natural hair.

Simply create your twists with blue synthetic hair, or go to a stylist that specialized in colored braids and twists.

12. Multi-Color

Instagram @amari_music

It’s a terrific method to stand out if you color different parts of your hair. This is a nice method to sample different colors. I adore this style’s vibrancy and texture. These were excellent color selections.

13. Copper Gingerlicious

Copper Gingerlicious
Instagram @oluchizelda

A color with various shades is copper. More red or orange can be added, and the copper will remain the same.

This is a lovely shade and a wonderful warm tone to use. When requesting for this color of copper, just make sure you are receiving the exact one you requested. An image is always helpful.

14. Blue Black Hair

Blue Black Hair
Instagram @davidferragamostylez

Dark-skinned women look beautiful in any hue of blue. However, the greatest hair colors to highlight darker skin include midnight blue, electric blue, and two-toned cyan blue.

It’s a fantastic idea to add a few blue-black highlights to jet-black hair since dark hair looks healthy. The best time to wear bright colors is in the winter if you want to.

15. Blue and Black Layered Bob

Blue and Black Layered Bob
Instagram @color_by_krystal

Layers of black and blue will give your bob more depth and character. Dark skin tones look wonderful in this sleek, contemporary appearance.

16. Auburn

Instagram @luvhairapp

The color auburn is lovely and distinctive. Red, orange, and brown are frequently blended to achieve this color. I wish I saw this hue more often since I adore it.

17. Rose Gold

Rose Gold
Instagram @msklarie

Don’t let the rose gold hair color escape your attention if you’re considering red hair colors for people with dark skin.

This pale color looks stunning with dark skin, blonde and yellow hair. With these hues, a top-notch hairstyle may be created with straight hair, curly hair, and a great pixie undercut!

18. Blue and Silver Ombre

Blue and Silver Ombre
Instagram @hair_by_niki

Create a gorgeous ombre effect that is both chic and current by combining blue and silver tones. On dark complexion tones, this cool-toned mix looks amazing.

19. Dark Purple

Dark Purple
Instagram @besthaircolorforblackwomen

Everyone should use the color purple as well. There are numerous purple hues to choose from. My favorite color is dark purple.

20. Light Blue

Light Blue
Instagram @shavonte_dill

Try a light blue ombre that transitions into a dark blue ombre if you want a hair color that makes you think of the ocean.

It is a good alternative to blonde hair that people with dark skin who enjoy trying new things can attempt. For this color, a silk press or faux locs will be deemed beautiful.

21. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde
Instagram @naturalandcolorful

The platinum blonde shaved hairstyle is another popular one right now. The current trend is platinum blonde hair with a shaved head.

If you are considering going short, it is still attractive and worthwhile to do.

22. Yellow-Green Combo

Yellow-Green Combo
Instagram @beyondhairinternational

Everyone loves to appear bold and vibrant during the summer, so why not try a rainbow-inspired look by combining a striking green with a popular yellow color? Instead of running the risk of the look becoming overbearing, choose a few bold streaks like this one.

By styling well-defined spikes or cutting a sassy fade, you can draw attention to the color of your hair.

23. Pink with Highlights

Pink with Highlights
Instagram @oluchizelda

Even though this shortcut is edgy, brighter hues soften the appearance. The colors used for this design appeal to me. The pink is lovely with pops of orange, blue, and yellow.

24. Honey Blonde Ombre

Honey Blonde Ombre
Instagram @krewkutz

Black people frequently wear caramel and honey blonde hair colors because they enhance the warmth of darker complexion tones. A curly afro and a short undercut will make honey blonde ombre stand out.

25. Red Shades

Red Shades
Instagram @oluchizelda

We enjoy the concept of mixing lighter and darker colors to give colors more depth and movement. It’s a great idea to use burgundy and dark reds together.

26. Fire Orange

Fire Orange
Instagram @oliviadavis.hair

This room is getting hot! On women with dark skin tones, orange looks fantastic and enhances hazel eyes.

To obtain fire orange, bleach the hair first, then apply the desired color (in this example, orange). Get it done by a natural hair stylist for the greatest results, and test a strand to determine whether your hair can lift.

27. Carmel

Instagram @oluchizelda

It’s cute to try a dark caramel brown color. Most people either choose a shade of brown when they first begin coloring or burgundy.

For a new appearance, those with natural auburn or brown hair can simply brighten their colors. However, a wonderful brown to try is caramel.

28. Blonde and Brown Balayage

Blonde and Brown Balayage
Instagram @rachel_redd

Probably every beauty expert will agree that this tasteful fusion of buttery blonde and chocolate brown tones is a work of true art. It complements dark skin tone beautifully and looks great on both curly and straightened hair.

Although balayage is kinder on the hair than all-over hair dye, you should still use a wig or weave if your hair’s health is in jeopardy.

29. Two-Toned

Instagram @oluchizelda

Two-toned hair is a distinctive hair color. This hairstyle is lovely with the blonder bottom and orange curls on top. I enjoy how versatile this pattern is; you’re not limited to just two colors, however.

30. Dark Blue Pickaboo Highlights

Dark Blue Pickaboo Highlights
Instagram @jackelcy79

You can wear peekaboo highlights with a magnificent electric blue hair color, much like this stunning lady here.

If you want to add a colorful accent that will make your dark skin shine but don’t want to dye your entire head, styles like these are perfect.

It is also excellent for observing how the color will affect your natural hair.

31. Silver

Instagram @oluchizelda

People continue to wear silver clothing. This elegant short silver hairstyle is incredibly classy. An excellent hue to attempt is silver. And it looks fantastic with traditional finger waves.

32. Burgundy

Instagram @newahairs

The ideal hair color for someone with a dark complexion is burgundy, which is a clever blend of dark red and purple. You’ll look like good wine if you wear striking cosmetics.

33. Rainbow

Instagram @studiolushdetroit

The rainbow-colored hairstyle enhances their beauty. This design has wonderful texture and flow. Wearing rainbow-colored clothing is a difficult task. Everything must be flawless.

34. Bright Red Hair Color

Bright Red Hair Color
Instagram @dreamcutsbarberlounge

Red has not yet won your heart. This crimson color will definitely win your heart when paired with a dark skin tone. For a striking effect, try this on a TWA hairdo.

35. Ocean Colors

Ocean Colors
Instagram @studiolushdetroit

I also love the hues of the sea. The hair’s unique ocean hue creates the ideal illusion. When creating a multicolor effect, placement is crucial.

A color expert should be able to arrange the colors exactly to enhance the color and shape of your hair.

36. Electric Blue

Electric Blue
Instagram @stepthebarber

Short hair works best with this hair color, as you can see in the illustration. It is also very colorful and seductive! The hair colors Dark and Lovely and Adore are suggested for ebony girls.

37. Fiery Red Ends

Fiery Red Ends
Instagram @studiolushdetroit

I adore newly colored and retwisted loc. This is a fantastic way to apply the color red. The flaming ends are lovely. 

38. Dark Highlights

Dark Highlights
Instagram @stuidolushdetroit

I rarely see darker hues dressed in this way, but it’s a great appearance. They cover the head and bangs in flawless uniformity. This cut is ideal for a more edgy appearance.

39. Brown Ombre

Brown Ombre
Instagram @studiolushdetroit

The majority of people opt to dye their entire heads brown. However, choosing a neutral ombre brown is a fantastic new hue. The color will fade rapidly, and if you change your mind later, you can recolor it.

40. Moss Green

Moss Green
Instagram @studiolushdetroit

This green color has a peach patch in the back and is really fun. The color scheme for this short style suits me well. Shorter styles are a fantastic opportunity to mix up a new cut by adding bold colors.


Colored hairstyles for black women are the current trend. No need go to look for the different colored hairstyles that you can make, just pick from the ones that we have presented.

We are sure that any of these hairstyles that you pick, will leave a statement and get you the attention that you desire.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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40 Colored Hairstyles for Black Women

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