stylish quick weave hairstyles you'll love

15 Stylish Quick Weave Hairstyles You’ll Love

I’m sure you have great taste and only “love” excellent hairstyles. However, I guarantee you’ll love the 15 quick weave hairstyles in this compilation, as they’re all excellent.

Quick weave hairstyles may not be the safest way to keep your hair looking beautiful, but it’s certainly an effective way. Thanks to the adorable look of the final product, quick weave hairstyles are quickly becoming insanely popular, a development that may want to convince you to try on a few of the styles yourself.

Apart from the fact that improperly done quick weaves could be damaging to your hair follicles, there are a couple of other problems with installing one. One of the most prominent issues is finding a style that looks great on you without being unreasonably difficult to install. If you’re also experiencing this to have this issue, this post may be all you need.

In this compilation, I’ll list 15 adorable quick weave hairstyles that will look great on you. For a couple of bucks only, you can install any of the following styles, giving yourself a look that you’ll love. Without further ado, let’s jump into compiling the styles that should work best for you.

1. Sleek Quick Weaves with Curls

Sleek Quick Weaves with Curls

When you think about a quick weave hairstyle, something like this is what first comes to your mind. It embodies all the qualities of a great hairstyle, making it the ultimate quick weave for anyone. The presence of curls is my favorite part of this style, but the length is also an amazing element that’s worth noting. No doubt, this style is among the best quick weave hairstyles.

2. Centered Parted Quick Weave with Color Highlights

Centered Parted Quick Weave with Color Higlights

Symmetry is beautiful; there’s a reason we have two hands and two legs. You can create beautiful symmetry in your hairstyle by creating a centered parting that divides it into two roughly equal parts, just as you can see from the illustration above. For an even better look, you may want to consider combining this with the preceding suggestion by making the ends curly, creating a whole new style.

3. Side Swept Straight Quick Weave

Side Swept Striaght Quick Weave

While symmetry is indeed beautiful, it can be a bit too boring sometimes. Why settle for parting your hair in the middle when you can do an arguably cooler side-swept quick weave? Since the model demoed the hairstyle on straight hair, making curls is not necessary here, leaving you with fewer steps but a better-looking hairstyle.

4. Blonde Long Quick Weave

Blonde Long Quick Weave

There is a pretty massive difference between blonde hair and black hair, even when used for the same hairstyle. While the concept here is pretty much the same as that of the side-swept quick weave hairstyle, the hair color makes it clearly different, which is the biggest distinction. I’m also a big fan of the curls, as they make the style look livelier.

5. Frontal Swept Ponytail Quick Weave with Pink Highlights

Frontal Swept Ponytail Quick Weave with Pink Highlights

An interesting way to style a quick weave is by making it long enough and tying it into a ponytail, just as the model demonstrates here. There are also a few subtle touches to this hairstyle that gives it a distinctively amazing look. If you look closely, you’ll notice the pink highlights as well as an aesthetically pleasing frontal.

6. Exotic Double Bun Quick Weave

Exotic Double Bun Quick Weave

Why limit yourself to a single ponytail when you can have two buns? This model makes the best out of her quick weave with the unique exotic double bun, which looks better than most of the other hairstyles here. To ensure you replicate the style correctly, you should try recreating the waves; they’re foundationally crucial for the achievement of the final look.

7. Half Up Half Down with Curls

Half Up Half Down with Curls

Side and center partings aren’t the only two ways to section your hair when making quick weave hairstyles. Half up and down curls is a unique style that could look just as good as a side swept style or a center parting, depending on the expertise of the hairstylist. You can even make a tiny ponytail towards the back for extra flair, just as the model did here.

8. Blue and Black Quick Weave

Blue and Black Quick Weave

We’ve seen quick weaves in black, brown, and blonde, but those aren’t the only three colors in the color wheel. Thankfully, the sky is the limit as to what colors you can use for quick weave hairstyles, and this suggestion uses blue. If a completely blue hairstyle looks over the top in your opinion, you can mix it with some black to retain a more natural look to your hair.

9. Classic Quick Weave with Soft Curls

Classic Quick Weave with Soft Curls

If you don’t have tons of money or time to spend on getting a quick weave, you can simply go for one of the classics, complete with soft curls. It doesn’t look quite as elegant as some of the other quick weave hairstyles here, but it’s not mediocre either. For a reasonable hairstyle that won’t cost you a fortune, you’ll struggle to find something better than this classic quick weave with soft curls.

10. Sew in with Minimal Leave out Hairdo

Sew in with Minimal Leave out Hairdo

You can always combine two or more hairstyles to form something that has the positive features of both styles. In this case, it’s sew-in styles with quick weaves, but those aren’t the only two styles at play here. In addition to those, this hairstyle features waves that run throughout its length. With all these, it’s little wonder that this style is one of the best we’ve seen yet.

11. Fishtail Quick Weave with Baby Hair

Fishtail Quick Weave with Baby Hair

A fishtail weave is very easy to make, and like all things easy, it’s not the most alluring hairstyle in the world. When you combine it with something complex like a quick weave, it starts to look better than the extremely simple hairstyle it was meant to be. You can add some extra flair with the frontal, which is another unique feature of this hairstyle.

12. Lemon Swoop with Double Palm Tree Bun

Lemon Swoop with Double Palm Tree Bun

We’ve seen quick weave hairstyles in several colors, but it doesn’t hurt to try out more colors to see if they work. While I’m not a fan of this lemon swoop quick weave, it’s undeniably adorable, and the fact that it has two buns to complement the lemon weave makes it an easier recommendation. If you can wear such a big smile after installing the hairstyle, you’ll probably make it to my next compilation of adorable quick weave hairstyles.

13. Full Curls Quick Weave with Straight Frontal

Full Curls Quick Weave with Straight Frontal

You can make some of the most adorable quick weave hairstyles using a combination of curls and a frontal. It works excellently if you’re not a fan of colorful hairstyles, as this example is black. While I can imagine how this hair will look in a blue or lemon color, I think I’m okay with leaving it in black; I’d love to see a blonde version tho.

14. Pin Up Quick Weave

Pin Up Quick Weave

Sometimes, you just want to wear your hair standing upright, just like a bun. If that’s what you’re after, there’s no way to achieve that than copying what this model has managed to do right here. You can alter this design in many ways, but I don’t see aything wrong from installing a carbon copy; you’ll receive good compliments.

15. Shoulder Length Quick Weave

Shoulder Length Quick Weave

We’ve seen a center parting earlier in this compilation, and it looks good enough that I think you deserve a second. This time, the parting isn’t the highlight of the hairstyle; instead, it’s the length that’s most captivating. With the style ending loosely at the shoulder, this quick weave gives a pretty unique but admittedly alluring look.


With this plethora of alluring hairstyles, I shouldn’t have to say quick weave hairstyles are stylish. There are tons of different ideas out there on the internet, but I’ve just saved you the stress of having to check them all out by collecting 16 of the best here.

If you need more hairstyle ideas, here are some adorable compilations to see.

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